Two weeks ago we emailed Latitude Festival with two things in mind - one to see if there was any chance we could perform there (which would be utterly brilliant, particularly as the festival is in my home county) and two to introduce a new festival audience participation concept, outlining in a brief email pitch the idea for working with c.100 festival goers to get them performing on main stage at the festival.

Yesterday, Latitude announced their line up with Gareth Malone and his Voices choir appearing, which is brilliant - they're very good at what they do.  Less brilliant was the following paragraph where it said that "ticket holders will have the opportunity to apply to be part of this 100-strong group who will rehearse at several points over the weekend, culminating in a main stage lunchtime performance..." 

It's possible that Gareth and Latitude had exactly the same idea, at the same time, and if this is the case, then great minds think alike and it'll be brilliant I'm sure!  But the coincidence is very striking.  

At the end of the day, even if there was a bit of borrowing of ideas going on, it's OK - we're chuffed and we're rather flattered to be copied.  Get Dowsed is on a roll and our website is up.  And we're proud that both The Dowsing Sound Collective and Get Dowsed are not all just about one single personality, but rather a huge collective creation made by you, basically, and supported by talented frontmen and women that lead without ego.  

And of course, being about as far from a traditional choir as you could imagine, the gigs we do are utterly euphoric and driven by an energy that is hard to beat.  Bring on the festival season.  Let's get gigging.