White Sky – Vampire Weekend. What is that song all about?

By Mike Martindell, Bass

I love music of all sorts, particularly what could be called “popular music”, although a lot of what I listen to would not appeal to a mass market. Dowsing is great because we sing popular tunes, but good ones, and Andrea has this real skill in arranging the tunes better than the original. They are a true joy to sing. I love decoding lyrics, like those naughty references snuck into old blues tunes, so when I first heard White Sky, this set me a real challenge.

An immortal corporation – well what is that? Anyway, starting from the verse at the end of the song, there was a big query in my mind about Wolflords (?) in a ball upon the sink there. Surely this made a lot more sense if these were Wolfords (tights), and so after sitting on the park wall for a while, I moved on.

Why are the horses racing taxis in the winter? Central Park NY is well known for the horse drawn buggy rides for lovers. There, New York, home of the yellow cab,  they are bound to be chasing each other down Fifth Avenue!  

Modern Art – I love it, but a Richard Serra skate park? I had to track this down. Richard Serra is an artist /sculptor who works with huge, heavy sheets of ship building steel, bending them into graceful shapes much taller than a person, filling vast spaces. These things weigh tons! So as for the Richard Serra skate park, a tongue in cheek dig at the twist in modern art. 

The Matter of Time by Richard Serra at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

The Matter of Time by Richard Serra at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

A thousand little Julias out in both directions – but where? Have you ever stepped into a changing room, standing on a little piece of carpet. Those mirrors facing one another – how many of you do you see?

And an ancient business – you might have guessed this refers to the oldest profession.