The Dowsing Wave

By Inge Loudon, 2nd Alto/Tenor

I joined the Dowsing Sound Collective in March 2013. I had sung in choirs before, but somehow they had never quite been "my type of choir". Anyone who has at some point or other tried to find a choir will know that, although the choice seems endless (try looking for choirs online), when you really truly try to find a choir it is very hard to find one which a) doesn't need you to audition, b) doesn't require you to be able to read music (though that always helps) or c) worse! demands that you can sight-read, d) doesn't just do choral songs but sings contemporary music or e) has a band!

My friends encouraged me to try joining the Dowsing Sound Collective. I wasn't so sure. I did not want to commit to another choir, thought I didn't have the time, was not particularly interested in singing more standard choir songs and was dubious that "my choir" really existed. Deep down though I was feeling that something was missing and that maybe, just maybe, this choir was going to be different. I needed to sing, I needed to sing great songs, I needed to make that connection with other people, through music.

So, that's what I did and it was great! I was made to feel very welcome, we sang, I could really connect with the songs and best of all we had fun. I have not looked back since. How wrong I was; I do have the time, this is not just another choir, we sing great songs and I really can no longer do without it. Four months on and I've been swept along on the Dowsing wave. Andrea Cockerton, who runs the choir, had a vision, of a choir with people of all standards, different previous experiences, from different walks of life, all singing together. In a rather brilliant move she then added a band. Drums, bass, guitar, violin, keyboard, flutes, double bass, piano, a trumpet, flugelhorn, iPad and even a cathedral organ (when possible. obviously!) Andrea's enthusiasm is infectious and she gets the best out of us by making rehearsals fun and relaxed. In a rather audacious move she decided that Ely Cathedral was the perfect location for our next gig. I had never in a million years imagined I would be part of a gig in such a truly wonderful location. We got a standing ovation at the end and that was just the best feeling!

If you are reading this and thinking of joining a choir I would highly recommend the Dowsing Sound Collective. Come and try it out for yourself. You might just get swept along too.