Something different, something good

By Linda Baker, 2nd Soprano

I joined Dowsing For Sound as it was then, in their second season following the Unpredictable gig. I had joined a gospel choir for a short time having just 'found' my own voice, but soon realised what I needed or was looking for was something really different. The word 'organic' kept popping into my head. I found myself watching the YouTube clips of the Unpredictable gig and I was so enchanted by the sheer enthusiasm of the music and the singing, listening over and over dissecting the brilliant arrangements in my brain.  It really struck a chord in me. I realised that this could be my Utopia. Determined to have a chance of joining this very ambitious project, I wrote the email and went to my first rehearsal. I was hooked.

I have always had music in my life; my father played the piano and ran a four piece dance band for 15 years. So not only do I have my own history of music as I grew up, I inherited everything my father knew too. I don't lean toward any particular genre of music; if it's good I like it. Being in the Dowsing Sound Collective is definitely good, even life changing.

Dowsing has now become a way of life. Once hooked, being a tiny, tiny part of this great big family of happy singers is an extraordinary feeling. Each and every rehearsal is a real learning curve for me, and the most enormous fun. And I get to sing some really amazing, original, music along the way, and meet the biggest number of new friends ever.

Andrea's drive, vision, extraordinary talent, encouragement, energy, passion and never-ending enthusiasm for this project is astounding. Not to be missed, because you don't know what's coming next. Singing in this choir is a very living thing, it's evolving, organic. A good mix of things that happen because that's how it was written and at other times it's an accident, organic. Either way, a magical outcome.

Last but certainly not least, I have to mention the mega talented people we are so lucky to call our band. All multi-talented musicians in their own right. They raise the bar without fail every time and you just can't help but do the same yourself.

Once you're on stage, there's only one thing to do. ENJOY YOURSELF! And we do.