Moments of magic

By Katalin Angyan, 1st Soprano

My great grandfather was a ship captain on the Danube.

He navigated a barge. Went up and down on the river, through countries, from one town to the other, carrying goods incessantly, be it peace or war. A real wanderer.

I have never met him, he died long before I was even born. Yet, I always imagined him as someone special.

In my mind I keep a vivid picture of him. A tall man, he is standing on the shipboard, green eyes scanning the water, his hair is waving in the wind while he is whistling an old melody.

A wandering soul is my only heritage from him.

As some of you might already know, I am Hungarian.

Expecting new experiences and adventures I decided to come to the UK in 2005. Ever since my arrival I've been moving around, travel a lot, mostly alone and often with a feeling of detachment due to the fact of how I live; without a stable home or a family surrounding me.

Despite my circumstances I love people and do believe that beyond borders, countries, ethnicity, different languages; a special connection exist between all of us. We just need to find the way to recognise this.

One of the easiest and most natural way of connection between people – I find - is music.

When I think back to my journeys and everyone who I met, I have wonderful memories about finding the power of music to create a sensation of profound unity and harmony.

Moments that I cherish dearly and never want to forget. An afternoon when I got drunk on a train with other voyagers and we foolishly played the guitar. The day I met a group of gypsies who invited me to their bonfire and danced all night. Or a starlit night we spent under a pine tree in Thessaloniki with a group of friends. A Turkish guy sang to us and we all cried. Not because we understood the lyrics, but because the melody echoed the deepest sorrow. The emotion he expressed was so real, pure, that nobody with a human heart could be left untouched by it.

The list could go on.

Music transcends our limitation of language, because it is more universal and ancient than any other language on Earth.

Last year Christmas and New Year’s Eve I couldn't visit back home. I was very lonely in despair. Dark, cold days went by and finally I realised: if I could somehow integrate music in my life, everything might change for the better, I will feel more grounded.

One day, when searching on the internet for music groups recruiting in the area, I came across the Dowsing Sound Collective. It seemed perfect, so in a hurry I wrote an email to Andrea if I could join. Luckily, she responded with a yes.

According to the words and expressions she used in her email I tried to picture what kind of a person she was. I had an impression that she must be a very alert, creative, energetic and friendly individual. It was the right impression, as it turned out at the first rehearsal, such a good surprise!

As I know her a bit more now, I think she is even more: she is a real leader.

Andrea has a vision and the strength, the stamina to fight for it. Her drive is infectious, so as her passion and humour. With her charisma and talent she motivates us to be more than what we thought we could be. She believes in us, and through her enthusiasm we can believe in ourselves.

Whenever we perform or practice, and wonderful harmonies from all the different voices and songs fill the room, I know that we are connected.

We are in synchrony.

We become our own magic moment. And that moment is eternal. That is happiness.

For me, being with the Dowsers is a life changing experience.

It is a fantastic inspiration with beautiful people and music, where I feel: I belong.

Thank you for everyone to make this happen.

Bring on Ely! Let’s share the magic!