The home straight

And so here we are. Two weeks to go. Our warm-up gig at The Long Weekend done, and well done, and our posters out and about in Cambridge and, in the next day or so, Ely. There are so many people to thank already - Richard Wolfströme who has designed these cracking posters for us (and we'd love to know what you think about them), Labute who have printed them, the many singers that have been walking the length and breadth of Cambridge to deliver them, Nicola Collenette of Conscious Communications and Jules Abensour and Liz Cook who are all taking on the challenge of promoting the gig, Alexis Willett and Kirsten Masson who are working so hard to get The Dosoco Foundation ready for action, Team Dowsing (i.e. Nina Lucking and Gloria Alexander) who are doing an incredible (and round the clock!) job of shaping and crafting the night itself and the million and one things that go on around it to make it special, and of course our sponsors, in addition to the above, which include Ignite, TTP Group, Cambridge Assessment, Dentons CarpetsAIM Composites and Bowring.

But there are really two very obvious groups that deserve special mention first, as our round of countdown blogs begins.

The first is of course the 'Dowsers' themselves. Specifically the 110 singers and musicians who are all working so  hard to learn songs, find notes, get the sense of the gig, gear themselves up to a more comprehensive sound design than any of us will ever have experienced before, sell tickets, plan clothes, tweet, blog, sing, enthuse, laugh and manage the pressure of the final rehearsals - when you think that we're made up of both experienced singers and musicians and 'first timers', what they're all about to take on is nothing short of amazing.  It's all of this courage, displayed by all of these people, that makes Dowsing what it is.  

The second group is our platinum sponsors, who we simply cannot thank enough. Just under a year ago, Nina (creative producer) and myself sat at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games, in awe at many things... one of which was the incredible sound. That night provided much of the inspiration for Home, and as we flicked through the programme, Nina nudged me and said 'oh look there's Bobby...' This turned out to be Bobby Aitken, a legend in the field of sound design that Nina had last seen c.20 years ago...

... and it was Bobby that we approached when Ely Cathedral was confirmed as our venue, given that staging 100 voices, a full band including iPads, synths, drums, electric basses, and a vibraphone in a 7 second acoustic is a little bit tricky. We are completely and utterly indebted to Bobby. His experience in designing sound for too many West End shows to mention, and gigs including all the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic games, is second to none.  And through his connections we also have been lucky enough to welcome on board as our second platinum sponsor Autograph Sound, led by the lovely Andrew Bruce.  Together they are bringing a crew of talented sound engineers, hundreds of ear pieces, multiple mixing desks, vintage and overhanging mics, cans and cubes for the band, mixers, and of course the most valuable - years and years and years of expertise.

It's going to be a rather special night. 700 tickets sold so far. Bring it on! 

Andrea (founder)