Behind the curtains

Hello!  I'm Vix, the one who just cannot stop wiggling to the beat!  I could never survive in a choir that required stillness or sensible behaviour (plus I don't read music beyond the Every Good Boy Deserves Favours business so they'd kick me out for multiple reasons!) which is why its been so great to find my Dowsing family who encourage laughter, learning in your own way and a good dose of shimmying (but thankfully not in a co-ordinated shoop shoop way!!)

So today I would like you to join me as we go through the keyhole, behind the curtains and round the back of the timpani to see what really goes on in the life of a Dowser.

You already know that Dowsers sing, play an instrument incredibly or, if they are really lucky, do both (and if you are a superstar you compose too!) but there is much that goes on behind the scenes that many a Dowser is party to that goes beyond these things yet is an all important part of the Dowsing family life.  Here's a sneaky peak at a couple of examples!

The first and possibly most important thing after the music and song is the cake!  Cakes have played a very central role-especially at the 4 hour sunday rehearsals-from the start.  There have been specially made Pimms and lemonade cupcakes, the now renowned Brownie, the Herman friendship cake that is doing the rounds, a home-made Pannatone and many superb carrot or lemon drizzle cakes.  In addition at the first gig after party one very dedicated and superb cake maker extraordinaire made the 'Book of Love' cake - the title of one of our gorgeous songs and it literally was a book made out of cake with all the lines of the song incorporated in the detail...incredible!  Even one of the guidance notes on our sheet music says sing like 'thin cake' but no-one can really remember what that means...D4S really wouldn't exist without cake!  Or cheese!

Another group activity central to D4S is the Dowsing Challenge - on occasion when a Dowser breaches the walls of Cambridgeshire they are given a ridiculous challenge to bring back some stupid item that nobody wants (although I have found myself now requesting things I do want which seems to make more sense but I just ended up with fake Limoncello) or to get photographic evidence of a certain obscure thing.  So far, from across the globe, the Dowsing display cabinet holds the following: a miniature Dala horse, some space needle shaped pasta from Seattle, a tiny model of the Budapest houses of parliament, a Boston snow globe, a chocolate Sydney opera house, a tin of Lisbonese sardines and a collection of concertina paper hats from China!  The Dowsing photo album will prove that yes you can find that spray can artist, you know, the one that sits under the Sydney Harbour Bridge painting space scapes-he only does Saturdays and yes there are some giant eggs in London.  We are currently awaiting with baited breath evidence of Graham in his speedos by the life guard tower on the man-made beach in Brisbane!  We'll keep you posted!

All this merriment adds to the joy of being a Dowser-from replying to that little gumtree advert a brave new world has opened up to me...a world of music I've never heard of before, a wealth of talent in so many different spheres, a sense of community within and beyond our collective and a whole host of cheap tat from afar.  Each and every one of those things puts a big smile on my face and makes me wanna sing!