A double first in Cambridge

So, in the last couple of weeks I have done two things I have never in my life done before thanks to DFS.  Actually I won't use that abbreviation any more as it has completely the wrong connotations (with apologies to anyone who has bought from there).  

The first one was on the 12th May and if anyone was around the Guildhall between 2 and 2.45 in front of the market you'll know what I'm about to say.  Dowsing for Sound went busking - and it was one of the best Saturday afternoons I've had in a very long time!  Thanks must go to Simon (bass) who organised the permit and secured us a great slot just outside the Guildhall.  It kicked off with a warm up in Great St Mary's, much to the surprise of a few tourists and keen church visitors. In fact it got me wondering if Take your Mama had ever been sung in a church before . . .  

Then it was our turn to gather a crowd in the Market Square and drum up interest.  Who would have thought that there's a schedule for buskers and the rule is that you don't set up until the previous act has finished?  Which in our case proved tricky when about 60 of us descended on our alloted space as two brave jugglers were trying to finish.  

Amp and band at the ready, we'd already gathered quite a crowd so Andrea did her first bit of promotion for the Corn Exchange gig.  Did I mention that we're there on Saturday 16 June at 7.30pm and tickets are on sale now from www.cornex.co.uk?  Then, for 40 minutes we sang our hearts out, the band played a belter, and the crowd cheered and clapped.  If I were American I would describe the whole experience as AWESOME!!!!!!  But I'm not, I'm Scottish and so I'll say Brulliant. Pure Dead Brulliant. (Try it with a Glasgow accent. It works.)  We even got papped...!

And the second first?  That happened on Tuesday night at our weekly rehearsal. Thanks to Alice (2nd soprano) we got the chance to sing at the West Road Concert Hall which was not only the first time I'd sung there, but the first time I'd actually been inside the place.

So this whole Dowsing thing just keeps getting better and better.  When Judi (2nd alto, front row) convinced me that I should join, I had no idea how much I'd enjoy it.  The Dowsers are a great bunch of people and it is without doubt one of the best things I've been part of. 

Quite simply, it's very good for the soul.