January is a tough month.  So we thought we'd cheer it up a little with a bit of shower action.... after all, who *doesn't* like to belt out a good tune while they're singing?  

Cue six of our lovely singers jumping into action in various shoot locations - plus our founder and creative producer - across Cambridge in early January to put together our two #showerchallenge videos, filmed by the ever fabulous Paul Cook.  It's not every day that you do this kind of thing, but then we're a fairly mischievous bunch and to be honest it was a huge amount of fun.  

However, let's be frank,it will be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE FUN if you all do your own too.    

So, singers of the world, we've set up the #showerchallenge, with the following rules: 

  • no longer than 30-ish seconds
  • sing along to a song of your choice in a shower somewhere
  • film it on your phone (or ask a friend)
  • post it on social media, including the following hashtags - #doitforreal #getdowsed #showerchallenge #dareyou #proveit - so that we can find your vid, and make sure to challenge your mates to do the same
  • and of course sing your heart out, test your vocal acrobatics, and impress the socks off us!

We're going to do a prize for the best video, as voted for by the general public over the Valentine's weekend - with this beauty (a waterproof UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker to get the very best sound in your shower) being the prize, in whatever colour your heart desires.  Whether you're young, old, rich, broke, out of tune, famous already, in tune, want-to-be-famous, just love singing, just love music, shy, exuberant, terrified, bold.... whatever.... it really doesn't matter.  Just dig out those favourite tunes, let rip, enjoy it, and show us what you've (vocally) got.  

#doitforreal #getdowsed #showerchallenge #dareyou #proveit