January is a tough month.  So we thought we'd cheer it up a little with a bit of shower action, and the potential to win 2 priority entry tickets to see Mumford & Sons (supported by the fabulous Alabama Shakes) at Hyde Park on Friday 8 July .... after all, who *doesn't* like to belt out a good tune while they're in the shower and be in with the chance to see some absolutely brilliant bands live? 

To prime the pump, six of our lovely singers jumped into action in various shoot locations earlier this month - plus our founder and creative producer - to put together our two videos, filmed by the ever fabulous Paul Cook.  However, let's be frank,it will be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE FUN if you all do your own too.    

So, singers of the world, we've set up the #getdowsed #showerchallenge, with the following rules: 

  • no longer than 30-ish seconds
  • sing along to a song of your choice in a shower somewhere
  • film it on your phone (or ask a friend)
  • post it on social media, including the following hashtags - #getdowsed (this is the one you MUST include if you want to be entered into the competition) and any of the following tags - #showerchallenge #dareyou #proveit #doitforreal) - so that we can find your vid
  • make sure when you post it to challenge your mates to do the same
  • and of course sing your heart out, test your vocal acrobatics, and impress the socks off us!

On the 14th February (if music be the food of love) we'll pick our favourite video and the winner will be notified by whichever social media channel they've used to upload their contribution.  Our two tickets (pic of the receipt below) will then be on their way to you once we get them in the post.

So - whether you're young, old, rich, broke, out of tune, famous already, in tune, want-to-be-famous, just love singing, just love music, shy, exuberant, terrified, bold.... whatever.... it really doesn't matter.  Just dig out those favourite tunes, let rip, enjoy it, show us what you've (vocally) got... and be in with a change to get to one glorious, summer gig.

#doitforreal #getdowsed #showerchallenge #dareyou #proveit