Hi folks - thanks for filling this in.

In planning the post show party in Shoreditch, we've tried about 20 venues and the best deal we can get is a minimum spend of £1500 (although thank you in advance to Sarah Jane & Tricia for speaking to their bar owning pals to see if we can get in elsewhere!).  To help us make sure we can cover this minimum spend, if we were to charge £10 a head, covering entry and a glass of bubbly on arrival, how many of you (and your guests) would be up for it?  Can you fill in the details here - if you could do this by 5pm on Monday that would be fantastic.  Please note that we'll need to hold you to these figures!  If we get enough people, we'll then come back to you and sort the dosh pre the gig.   (If there are more than enough of us, the cost could come down beneath £10 which would be rather nice!)  Thanks in advance for filling this in before the deadline :)

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