Bright, inquisitive, crazy about music, social-media savvy, full of self-motivation, based in London and wanting to get some great project experience in the music industry for your CV?  Then we want to hear from you.

We're looking for two interns, one based in (or near) Hammersmith, and the other in (or near) Camden, beginning October 6th or just before. These are the locations of the first two London Collectives, and we want you to be part of the team that helps us launch.  It's an incredibly exciting time to get involved and the work is challenging, varied and fascinating - you'll be helping us research the best gig and rehearsal venues, making connections with the music industry in and round the city, have a chance to be part of the team creating a really compelling social media presence, contribute to the launch marketing and also co-creating some of the big ideas we're hoping to launch in the summer of 2015.  Working with Dowsing is full-on, often hilarious, hugely rewarding and both musically & socially (check out The Dosoco Foundation) simply great.

You'll need your own laptop and to be tech savvy, and be able & willing to work in your own time (day or eve, we're pretty flexible) and from home or coffeeshops / anywhere with a wireless connection. There will be a lot of people-facing work, so you need to be happy in your own skin and brilliant at communicating.

In terms of time, we're looking for a couple of days a week for a period of two months, but again we're flexible and there could well be more in terms of both hours and length if you want it.  We'll cover travel costs and any expenses 'on the job', buy you the next 8 CDs that you'd like to get your hands on (as long as they're not rare cuts!), get you out there doing great work and build with you your confidence and skills. We'll also give you the chance to attend some brilliant business training with us in Cambridge and will explain all of this in more detail should you get to the interview stage.

So, tell us about you.  Be creative (that's core to our business) and honest, and let's see if we get on :). (A word of advice - have a read through the whole form before you start filling it in.. there's some things you'll need to do and the form can't be saved so you need to be ready to complete the whole thing in one go...)

Me please.

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